Patience Can Reap Great Rewards!……

Emmett was so sad and mad because I wouldn’t buy a $120.00 tiger for him.  Whenever we would go to The Little America Cafe we would have to visit the gift shop aka there are toys there.  All year long Emmett has been begging for a huge “stuffy tiger” that costs a small fortune.

We have been waiting for the prized big cat to go on sale.  We were told that it never goes on sale and if it sold it was quickly replaced with the stock from the backroom.  I did some research and found a site where the tiger was actually on sale.  So we ordered the tiger and shared the cost with his parents.

It was a very happy day for all of us. We loved seeing the delight on our tiger lover’s face.  Patience did pay off for Emmett. Happy 5th birthday, we love you!

Yellowstone is Celebrating 100 Years

web Jackson project-life a

When we went into Yellowstone and Teton National Parks it was the most crowded we have ever seen.  We have been going to the park for about 35 years and we have never seen so many people and cars.  At the entrances we had to wait in 30 minute lines to enter the park.  There was also a fair amount of road construction inside the park that led to long waits and one way traffic lines.

We also saw very little wild life.  This buffalo was the closest animal that we saw.  We saw a couple of herds of buffalo in the far distance but they were microscopic and not even worth a photograph.

We went with our dear friends Bob and Barbara who hadn’t seen the entire park. They had only been to Old Faithful.  They soon realized how massive the park really is.  What great insight Ulysses S. Grant, the 18th President of the United State had to set aside this pristine nature preserve for all to enjoy. The park was organized on March 1, 1872 by the American Congress.


AN ACT to set apart a certain tract of land lying near the headwaters of the Yellowstone River as a public park. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the tract of land in the Territories of Montana and Wyoming … is hereby reserved and withdrawn from settlement, occupancy, or sale under the laws of the United States, and dedicated and set apart as a public park or pleasuring ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people; and all persons who shall locate, or settle upon, or occupy the same or any part thereof, except as hereinafter provided, shall be considered trespassers and removed there from …
Approved March 1, 1872.

The quote below was one I recored from the Visitor Center at the Teton National Park:

Jackson Hole is not merely a sky-piercing range of mountains.  It is a country with a spirit.        

                                                                                                                                                 –Olaus Murie

Olaus Johan Murie (March 1, 1889 – October 21, 1963, called the “father of modern elk management”, was a naturalist, author, and wildlife biologist who did groundbreaking field research on a variety of large northern mammals.  Rather than conducting empirical experiments, Murie practiced a more observational based science.

The Park is mostly situated in Wyoming but also includes Idaho and Montana.


Red Hills……


web red hills wyoming_DSC4012

We drove to the Gros Ventre area near the town of Kelly, Wyoming.  You drive along a loose gravel road that parallels the Snake River.  The drive consists of dull looking sage brush on the mountain sides.  As you round the corner you come to a beautiful lush green valley full of stunning horses and on the opposite side red hills seem to rise from the boring sagebrush.  It is a sight to behold.

web horses red hills ranch_DSC4067

The valley was peppered with beauteous horses with lots of new foals resting on the grasslands.  We sat in the car gazing at the seemingly magical sight.  We talked to a ranch hand who told us about the ranch and its details.

web Red Hills Ranch_DSC4118

The Red Hills Ranch

“…..Senator Herb Kohl from Milwaukee Wisconsin is the owner of the Red Hills Ranch. He has been producing quatlity horses for nearly 40 years. Roger and Paula Lasson the previous ranch managers have built up a high quality herd that continues to produce outstanding horses.

We wish to acknowledge you who are repeat buyers as well as those of you who are visiting us for the first time. We are proud of our sale offerings and hope you will find what you need for pleasure, work, or show.
These horses represent our stallions, Dressed All in Black and Roulettes Ali.
Senator Kohl loves horses enjoys having all the new foals here every spring….”
web_horse rollingDSC4268

The horses were playful and showing off.  Quite a few of the horses were rolling on the grass to scratch their backs.  Some of the horses were running and entertaining us “city slickers.”  It was a show worth watching.

web mom foal nursing_DSC4101

I couldn’t resist taking this photo of the young foal nursing his mom.  I love the perspective of the rustic fence and the horses perfectly spaced between the fence rails. The rails are out of focus while the subject is in sharp focus.  It was a very sweet moment.

web red hills sage branch_DSC4020

We loved visiting God’s country in Kelly, Wyoming.

Definition of God’s country

: a place conceived of as especially favored by God

God’s country is a place between,
The two great seas.
God’s country is a forest,
Of evergreens and pines.
God’s country is a homeland,
Not tarnished by incredulity,
But shined by hospitality,
God’s country is a hunting ground,
And a young boy’s home.
God’s country is a masterpiece,
Of smelted man and nature,
And of pride, love, and sacrifice.
—poem by Christian Allen

Beauty in the Mountains…..

web mountain blue bird red hills ranch_DSC4309

We just spent a week in the beautiful area in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and surrounding national parks.  The town has become modernized???? and decided to change the name to Jackson.  We have been going there since 1975 and it will always be Jackson Hole to me.

I have been wanting to get a photo of the alluring Mountain Bluebird.  I love the photo I took of the bird on a ranch fence with the lush green field in the background.

All About Birds: describes the species.

Size & Shape
Mountain Bluebirds are fairly small thrushes with round heads and straight, thin bills. Compared with other bluebirds they are lanky and long-winged, with a long tail.

Color Pattern
Male Mountain Bluebirds are sky-blue, a bit darker on wings and tail and a bit paler below, with white under the tail. Females are mostly gray-brown with tinges of pale blue in the wings and tail. They occasionally show a suffusion of orange-brown on the chest. Mountain Bluebirds’ bills are entirely black. Juveniles have fewer spots than the young of other bluebirds.

Unlike other bluebird species, Mountain Bluebirds often hover while foraging; they also pounce on their insect prey from an elevated perch. In winter, the species often occurs in large flocks wandering the landscape feasting on berries, particularly those of junipers.

Mountain Bluebirds are common in the West’s wide-open spaces, particularly at middle and higher elevations. They breed in native habitats such as prairie, sagebrush steppe, and even alpine tundra; anywhere with open country with at least a few trees that can provide nest cavities. They also readily take to human-altered habitats, often nesting in bluebird boxes and foraging in pastures.

Henry David Thoreau once said:
“The Bluebird carries the sky on his back.”

Published on Mar 28, 2009
Jan Peerce sings the song “The Bluebird of Happiness” which was an enormous hit in its day. It was written for him around 1934 by composer Sandor Harmati and lyricist Edward Heyman when Peerce was one of the leading singers at NBC’s Radio City Music Hall. Peerce’s original recording of this song was cut around 1936, although under the name Paul Robinson (he didn’t want to cheapen his name by recording under it on budget labels). That recording was very popular on the radio for many years and in some cases when broadcast on it over 20 years later was still being credited to Paul Robinson (I’ll post this version in the near future if anyone is interested). This one here is Peerce’s original RCA Victor commercial recording of the song made on June 7, 1945 with Sylvan Levin conducting. As of the late 1970s, this record was second in sales only to Caruso’s recording of “Over There” among the all time best selling recordings of opera and concert singers.

The beggar man and the mighty king are only different in name,
For they are treated just the same by fate.
Today a smile and tomorrow a tear, we never know what’s in store.

So learn your lesson before it is too late.

So be like I, hold your head up high ’til you find the bluebird of happiness.
You will find greater peace of mind, knowing there’s a bluebird of happiness.
And when he sings to you, though you’re deep in blue
You will see a ray of light creep through
And so remember this, life is no abyss
Somewhere there’s a bluebird of happiness.

The poet with his pen, the peasant with his plow,
It makes no different who you are, it’s all the same somehow.
The king upon his throne, the jester at his feet,
the artist, the actress, the man on the street.

It’s a life of smiles and a life of tears It’s a life of hopes and a life of fears.
A blinding torrent of rain and a brilliant burst of sun,
A biting tearing pain and bubbling sparkling fun.
And no matter what you have, don’t envy those you meet.
It’s all the same, it’s in the game, the bitter and the sweet.

And if things don’t look so cheerful, just show a little fight.
Fore every bit of darkness, there’s a little bit of light.
For every bit of hatred, there’s a little bit of love.
Fore every cloudy morning, there’s a midnight moon above.

So don’t you forget, you must search ’til you find the bluebird.
You will find peace and contentment forever, if you will be like I.
Hold your head up high, ’til you see a ray of light appear.
And so remember this, life is no abyss
Somewhere there’s a bluebird of happiness.

Lyrics to song from Musixmatch music