Pam Taylor Photography


Pam Taylor Photography

I love photography and would love to share one of my creative passions with you.
I love to photograph many things, however children and newborns with their parents has to be one of my favorite subjects. Here is some information and pictures of my photography.

Ty, Jade, and Andrea

This very cute young lady is Kaylin. What a cutie! I just love her so much. She is a total clone of her mother. She is delightful and so photogenic. She loves to make really funny faces and often curls her lip like “Elvis.” I’ll have to get some of those photos to post.

Here are a few pictures of a recent photo shoot of some very cute girls. Aren’t they adorable?
There were 7 people in a very small studio. We kept getting in each others way. I remember when my own children were very young and getting the family together for a photo was such a chore. Unless you have experienced the task you can not empathize. I now look at each picture and cherish them. I’m so grateful that I love to tell stories, take pictures, and scrapbook our memories.

These cuties are Johnnie, Mathew, and Korinne.

I just love Korinne’s cheeks. She is in my nursery at church and is such an adorable baby. She loves to ride the horse so much that she stays on it for almost an hour. And just sings, “Whee, Whee!” She has such kissable cheeks!

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