Rough 3 weeks!

It has been a rough 3 weeks at our house. My daughter, Nichelle has had 3 knee surgeries in 2 weeks. She was hospitalized twice for complications due to surgery.
When she was 16, she tore her left ACL and had it repaired. She got a blood clot and a rare syndrome called Reflex Sympathetic Disorder from the original surgery. It took almost 2 years for her to get better.
This winter she slipped on some ice on her way to work and reinjured her knee. Her left ACL tore again. The hamstring graph was from her left leg in the original surgery. This time they had to harvest the hamstring from her right leg. So, she has incisions in both legs now. After the surgery, she kept running a constant fever and was in intense pain. The doctor went back in surgically and flushed her knee tissues to try to get rid of infection. At the time of that surgery the test results were not conclusive for infection. So, after the first hospital stay we found out that she had a rare staff infection. At that time they put in a “PIC” line for intensive antibodies for at least a month. The doctor then told her that there was one more obstacle to overcome. She was informed that they would have to schedule one more surgery to scrub the infected tissues around the knee. This surgery was really hard on her and she had to be admitted to the hospital again.
She is home now but her recovery has been quite slow. Her husband, Craig is her nurse. He has to administer her pain pills and her intervenes antibodies everyday. Craig is doing a great job at taking care of her. We keep praying for Nichelle and putting her name on the temple prayer roll. We hope she can get better very soon. It is so hard to see a child of yours in so much pain. Nichelle is the sweetest person and has more than her share of health problems. We sure hope that this trial will be over real soon.
Nichelle, we love you so much and here’s to better health.

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