How do you know that you have gone to Home Depot too many times?

My husband just makes me laugh! Monday was my birthday and he asked me where I wanted my birthday cake from. He knew that my response would be Backer’s Bakery, but it is closed on Mondays. So he said, “Do you want your cake from Home Depot or Schmidt’s Pastries?” Well a response like that makes me think he has been shopping at Home Depot too many times. Who knows, maybe Home Depot should start selling birthday cakes. A novel idea. LOL!

We had a really fun day together. We went to the movies which is one of our favorite things to do. We saw Angels and Demons with Tom Hanks. It is a fast paced movie that has a plot with numerous twists and turns. It was filmed in Rome, Italy. We loved seeing some locations that we have visited. One scene shows the Pantheon Church and the gelato shop that became one of our favorite hangouts. The gelato was yummy!

I could choose where I wanted to go to dinner. We tried a new restaurant called the Last Samurai. I love Japanese food that is cooked on a tepanaki grill. We both got the filet mignon and shrimp combination. The steak was very tender and delicious. The restaurant has a beautiful aquarium inside just as you enter the waiting area. I thought the blue and yellow fish was especially beautiful.

After dinner we went out to Nichelle’s house because she is on complete bedrest after her series of surgeries. We watched the 2 hour season finale of 24. We love Jack Bauer and the fast paced television series that has become one of our favorites. I don’t know how we will survive without watching 24 until next year. Then we had chocolate cake and ice cream.

It was a wonderful birthday celebration. Now, if only we could age backwards like the movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Then I would be getting younger instead of older. Well, one can always hope that her birthday wish comes true. LOL!

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