Think Happy Things!

Mom & Dad with Kaylin & Jade loving the bubbles.

Smiling Kaylin in her new sunhat.

Nichole and Patrick and baby boy (still with no name.) LOL!
Just a few more weeks to go.

Doesn’t this rose from our backyard look like peaches and cream?

Yummy looking cupcakes from the Blue Lemon in Highland, Utah.
My dear friend, Karen Clauson took me to lunch there a couple of weeks ago.
Thank, Karen!

Sitting by the pond watching the fish, dogs, dragonflies, bumblebees,
beautiful flowers, and listening to the stream rush by.

When things look bleak, I try to surround myself with things that make me happy. Nichelle is still in the hospital and they are managing her chest and knee pain and monitoring the blood clot in her lungs. Her blood level is at a 1.4 and needs to raise to a 2 before she is safe to go home.

Thank you for all of the phone calls, emails, prayers, and concern for Nichelle and her family. It is really difficult to see someone you love suffering so much. It is especially hard for me because I have what I thought was a sinus infection but perhaps it is a cold or flu so I have been “banned” from the hospital. I don’t want to get Nichelle sick, but the mother in me so wants to be there right by her side. I know she is being well cared for by everyone else but you know that old adage, “A mother’s love is best.”

Nichelle and all of us have to rely on the Lord for inner peace and comfort. We as a family are most grateful for the power of the priesthood and for the power of prayer. We still do believe in miracles. Our family and friends have been so kind to send flowers, visit her, and express their love for Nichelle. So, I would really give all of you a heartfelt thanks from the bottom of my heart. Think happy things!

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