Nichelle is Home and Baby Happenings and Nichelle is not really Home!?!

We feel so blessed that Nichelle is finally home after a week in the hospital for a blood clot in her lung. What a scary experience for all of us. Thank you to all of you who have prayed for her. She is still definably recovering from her 4 knee surgeries, the staph infection, the bacterial infection, and the blood clot. She is still on 12 medications but we are so happy that she is out of the hospital. She got home about 7pm on Tuesday evening. The doctor decided at the last minute to let her go. You should have seen how excited and happy Kaylin was to have her mommy home. We are all very happy for Nichelle.

On Saturday, Nichole had 2 baby showers. Due to some conflicts with dates the showers ended up on the same day. I cannot believe how generous everyone was to Nichole. She had a double shower with one of her cousins from Patrick’s side of the family. Nichole is having a boy and her cousin is having a girl. Just for your FYI, her cousin is due the beginning of August and Nichole has about 2 weeks left. We are so excited for the arrival of our first grandson.

Now about Nichelle. Every time we think things are going in a positive direction something happens to set us back. Friday morning I talked to her and she was feeling much better and said she was even down to one crutch.

She had a doctor’s appointment at 2pm that same day and all of a sudden she got the most intense pain in her left hip. Her doctor told her to go to the emergency room. So after a L-O-N-G experience in the ER she got an ambulance ride to the Intermountain Medical Center. After numerous tests we learned that she is “bleeding out.” Her blood is so thin that blood is pooling in her hip and causing complete numbness in her left leg. We are trying to avoid surgery at all costs because she could bleed to death.

Anyway, we are all playing the waiting game. So, PLEASE PRAY FOR HER. We long for the day when Nichelle will feel good again. We love her so much and we know the Lord loves her so much, as well. Please pray for her pain to be eased and a quick and speedy recovery.

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