Look’in at that Billboard Longer Than I Wanted!

Last Saturday evening as I was driving home from the hospital about 9:30pm, I had an “almost blow out” of my front right tire. I was going 65 miles per hour and had to cross 3 lanes of traffic to come to a stop. I feel very fortunate because I wasn’t hurt, I didn’t have Kaylin with me, I didn’t cause an accident, and I didn’t fall apart and cry.

You may know that I don’t handle stressful situations very well. I simply called Milt and told him about the situation. Luckily he was nearby and came and repaired the tire for me. I sat on the freeway for over an hour just looking at this billboard. I thought it was interesting to sit there because the cars just kept whizzing by at freeway speeds and not one person stopped to ask me if I needed help. I guess the world has gotten so crazy that no one dares to stop to be a good Samaritan.

We had recently added a road side assistance program to our insurance. When Milt called them they told us to leave a message. What!?! The service was closed till Monday. So, a big thank you to my hubby for “saving the day.”

Milt drove the car home with the doughnut tire. Luckily we were only 10 minutes away from home. The tire rim was not bent but the tire was destroyed. There was a huge “slash” in the side wall and the tire was not repairable. It cost $150.00 to replace the tire. Life is full of surprises and unexpected expenses.

As a side note, I like the singing group, The Fray. Maybe I should consider going to their concert on July 18, since I subliminally saw the message for over an hour. LOL!

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