The Cuteness Factor, Part 2

I took care of Jade for a few hours this past week while Ty was as school. Andrea is out of town for work. I took a few photos of Jade but it was really difficult because she is having separation anxiety and won’t let me be more than 2 inches away from her. So […]

She Makes Me Laugh!

  You may ask, who makes me laugh?  The one and only Nichelle.  She has been in so much pain these past months.  As a result she has been on mega doses of painkillers.  She is still in tremendous pain and it is really hard to figure out why.       One of the reasons for […]

Modern Day Pioneers

Who knew that I was a modern day pioneer because I certainly wasn’t an “olden day pioneer.”If you know anything about me it is that I am a wimp!!! (Yes, followed by three exclamation marks.) My family teases me relentlessly because I am a connoisseur of bathrooms. Yes, bathrooms! Whenever I travel, I rate the […]

"The Cuteness Factor!"

These are a few recent photos that I have taken of Miss Jade or as I like to call her “The Cuteness Factor!” She has the cutest smile and she just makes you want to smile back at her. I especially like to see her dance. I’ll have to try to capture a few of […]

Nichelle and Kaylin

When we go to the hospital to visit Kaylin’s Mommy there is a golf cart in the entrance that Kaylin loves to “drive.” It is hard to get her to stop. These next photos show what we do when we go to visit Mommy at the hospital. If Nichelle is feeling well we usually go […]

Baby Alec, Day 7

Alec really likes his bath time.He even likes getting his hair washed but he really doesn’t like to get his hair dried. He is much happier after his hair is dried. What cute feet you have!His diaper is so tiny especially after I’ve been changing Kaylin’s and Jade’s diapers. Alec is very content after getting […]