Modern Day Pioneers

Who knew that I was a modern day pioneer because I certainly wasn’t an “olden day pioneer.”
If you know anything about me it is that I am a wimp!!! (Yes, followed by three exclamation marks.)
My family teases me relentlessly because I am a connoisseur of bathrooms. Yes, bathrooms! Whenever I travel, I rate the bathrooms and have been known to taken multiple pictures of the restrooms.
Here are some of my thoughts about pioneers and life:

Olden Day Pioneers
bathrooms…………NO!, NO!, NO!
air conditioning…..NO!
heat……plenty of heat in the summer but not in the winter!
tennis shoes with comfort springs……NO!
bicycles for the trek…..NO!
modern day medicines….NO!
Lots of snakes and insects……YES!
Sleep Number Bed…..NO!….well, I don’t have that either!
Electricity or even a generator for that matter…..NO!
Plenty of fresh produce and prepackaged food that doesn’t spoil….NO!
A washing machine other than a river to wash clothes in……NO!

Okay….I could go on and on and on. I think you get the picture that we are all very much blessed to live in a day and era of many modern day conveniences. I know that we often become complacent and even forget that modern day miracles do still take place. Our country even wants to take away the statement, “In God We Trust.”

I am very blessed to be the first member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in my family. I joined the Church on March 31, 1973. I have been a member for 36 years. Can you believe that? I can’t. You might think my life has been a breeze since I live in this time of convenience and I have a testimony of the gospel. No, my life has not been easy and often full of many trials and sacrifices just like the early pioneer saints who blazed the trail for many church members of today’s era. So, thank you to all pioneers of all eras who have lived before me and have made my life much easier. Thank you for their sacrifices beyond my mind’s shallow comprehension. I am grateful to them and all those who do something that requires courage, strength, sacrifice, determination, service, time, investment, and much more.
Today, we all celebrate “Pioneers of all eras,” and their sacrifice.
Happy, July 24th 2009.

Just a quick update on Nichelle. Yes, she is still in the hospital. I am typing on the computer and she lays in her bed resting. She still has so much pain to overcome and many obstacles and hurdles to endure. There is a tentative date for her to come home on July 31st. She will be in a wheelchair and still has a long recovery until she can walk again. The prognosis is still one to two years before she is able to walk. Her apartment is not wheel chair accessible so a relative has offered their basement for her to recuperate in. Thanks again for all of those who have said prayers, or done anything, no matter how small or inconsequential to you, in order to support us in this very difficult time.

One more side note….if you look carefully at the video below about Modern Day Pioneers you will notice our good friends, The Pacini’s, have a budding actress among their midst. Ashley, their daughter is one of the missionaries that is shown riding their bicycles in the video. Way to go Ashley on a job well done. Way to go to all PIONEERS!

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