She Makes Me Laugh!


You may ask, who makes me laugh?  The one and only Nichelle.  She has been in so much pain these past months.  As a result she has been on mega doses of painkillers.  She is still in tremendous pain and it is really hard to figure out why.

      One of the reasons for the pain is the hematoma that lays on her nerve bundle is extremely painful and hard to cure.  So, one day the docs had increased her pain meds to the point that Nichelle was very sleepy and somewhat “loopy.”  One example of what I mean is as follows;  I would be talking to her and she would fall asleep with a cup in her hand.

       Anyway, due to a recent fall, Nichelle needed to have another CAT scan to check the progress of some medical issues.  She was having increased chest pains that were not explained.  The orders from Nichelle’s therapists are that she is to be transported to procedures in a bed so as not to risk more falling.  She was covered up with blankets as she went for the scan.  The technician came into the room quite distressed.  He asked Nichelle if she knew that she had scissors in her chest?  Nichelle was quite puzzled and wondered what in the world he was talking about.  Well, I’ll show you what he was talking about:


    Well, that certainly explains Nichelle’s unexplained chest pain, doesn’t it?  Okay…not really!  Nichelle had been cutting her fingernails and I guess she fell asleep.  When someone came in her room she was startled and sat up.  Well, to make the story make sense, the scissors fell down her shirt and were there for a couple of hours.  For the CAT scan you do not need to change clothes or be uncovered from the blankets.  The scissors were still in her sweatshirt when she went for the scan.  The technician was REALLY glad that the scissors had not been left inside her chest cavity.  So, are we!  So, Nichelle has a new picture to hang up in her hospital room.  We all had a good laugh that day and I’m sure we’ll relive that moment as one of the funnier ones from her long ordeal.

By the Way, ONE:  The chest pain was from some vessels that had collapsed in her lungs.  She has to do deep breathing exercises so as not to develop pneumonia.

By the Way, TWO:  When Nichelle got back go the room she was searching for her cell phone.  When the nurse got her out of bed to go to the restroom, they found her cell phone had fallen down by her legs.  I guess it is a good thing that the CAT scan wasn’t ordered for her legs as well as her chest or the technician would have asked her if she knew she had a cell phone by her legs. LOL!

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