The Cuteness Factor, Part 2

I took care of Jade for a few hours this past week while Ty was as school. Andrea is out of town for work. I took a few photos of Jade but it was really difficult because she is having separation anxiety and won’t let me be more than 2 inches away from her.

So I had to sit on the floor touching her legs with my feet to get her to play with the toys so I could snatch a few pictures. If you look carefully in one of the pictures she has a tear underneath her eye.

There is a tiny tear underneath her right eye in this photo with the toy duck.


Jade is such a cutie pie. I don’t want to tell her mother because I know she will be sad that she missed it but Jade walked about 20 feet yesterday while I was taking care of her. She has been able to walk for a couple of months but she just wants to walk around things and holding on to your hands. We are so LUCKY to have her in our family! {Jade was born on Friday the 13th.}

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