Out of the Mouths of Babes!

Today in nursery we had a lesson on learning how to say I’m sorry. I chose to use the story about Joseph and his brothers from Genesis in the Bible. I had cartoons so I could explain it to the children and they might be able to understand. We have a really small nursery and […]

American Idol

       On July 14, Milt and I went to the American Idol concert here in Utah.  We are avid AI fans who have watched the show from its beginning.  Of course, one of our favorite seasons was last year with David Archuleta from Salt Lake City and Murray High School.  Nichelle actually did some […]

San Diego Water and More Water!

  Kaylin is just like her Mama.  They both love to swim!  This is the first time Kaylin has been swimming in the pool and she absolutely loved the water. Kaylin and Grandpa Patrick, baby Alec, and Nichole Kaylin loved Birch Aquarium. The sharks didn’t even scare her. More beautiful fish from the aquarium. This […]

San Diego

    Nichole, Grandpa, baby Alec, and Kaylin……..Grandpa and Kaylin with her Dora the Explorer backpack entering the jet way hallway.          We had the very unique and special opportunity to bring Kaylin to San Diego with us due to the fact that Mommy, aka Nichelle, is still having serious health issues.  It was our […]