San Diego


DSC_0371airport  DSC_0385-Milt-and-Kaylin-dora-backpack Nichole, Grandpa, baby Alec, and Kaylin……..Grandpa and Kaylin with her Dora the Explorer backpack entering the jet way hallway.

         We had the very unique and special opportunity to bring Kaylin to San Diego with us due to the fact that Mommy, aka Nichelle, is still having serious health issues.  It was our week to take care of Kaylin and we had arranged to go to San Diego a couple of months ago.  Since Kaylin is not two years old yet she can fly free so we thought it would be really fun to bring Kaylin along. 

      This was her first time on an airplane and visiting the beach.  She came with us when she was 2 months old but of course she doesn’t remember the experience.  My sister, Pennie, Nichole, Patrick, and Baby Alec, and Milt and I all came.  I must say that San Diego is really one of my very favorite places to vacation.  The temperature is consistent year round.  The flowers and the beauty of the ocean continually make me very happy.

Grandma and Kaylin on the airplane

DSC_0411kia mini van rental copy 

Our rental car.  Kaylin is pretending to sit in the seat while we load the car with the luggage and are waiting for her car seat.

      DSC_0418 beach copy   

A lot of people are enjoying the ocean.


Kaylin and Aunt Pennie playing in the ocean.  We would chase the water and try to get wet or not whatever we felt like at the moment.  This was a wet experience!

 IMG_0678-Kaylin-sand-on-hands-cropped           IMG_0678-Kaylin-sand-on-hands

       Kaylin wasn’t sure what to think of the sand that would not come off of her hands.  Oh the world of discovery through the eyes of a young child is something to behold.

       We also went to  Balboa Park and walked around.  I love the architecture of the buildings and the beautiful flowers and different exhibits.  It must have been wedding day at the Park.  We saw at least 7 weddings with huge wedding parties. 


   DSC_0009-red-passionvine    DSC_0013-monarch-on-flower


DSC_0092-Pat-Kaylin-in-wishing-well    DSC_0104-Kaylin

Kaylin and Patrick playing at the Park.

     We had a wonderful first day in San Diego.  We really miss Kaylin’s Mommy and Daddy.  Thank you for letting us enjoy your beautiful daughter.

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