San Diego Water and More Water!


Kaylin is just like her Mama.  They both love to swim!  This is the first time Kaylin has been swimming in the pool and she absolutely loved the water.

DSC_0073-Kaylin-and-grandpa-swimmingKaylin and Grandpa


Patrick, baby Alec, and Nichole

DSC_0050-Kaylin-and-sharkKaylin loved Birch Aquarium.

The sharks didn’t even scare her.


More beautiful fish from the aquarium.


This darling photo of Kaylin laying on the sand and trying to cover up the beach towel with sand was taken by my sister, Pennie.  Great job, Pennie!


One more picture by Pennie shows the pelicans basking in the sun in La Jolla Cove.

What a beautiful place San Diego is.  We all love the ocean and the incredible sights that abound all around for one to take in if they will only take time to savor nature’s wonders.

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