American Idol


     On July 14, Milt and I went to the American Idol concert here in Utah.  We are avid AI fans who have watched the show from its beginning.  Of course, one of our favorite seasons was last year with David Archuleta from Salt Lake City and Murray High School.  Nichelle actually did some of her student teaching at that school. 

     I was supposed to go to the concert last year.  I had bought 2 tickets and was looking forward to going.  At the last minute, my Dad had surgery and I was needed in Kansas, so I somewhat sadly relinquished my tickets.  I had to beg Milt and Nichole to go to the concert so as not to lose money and they absolutely enjoyed themselves.  They told me it was one of the best concerts that they had ever been to.

      This year has been a lean year for our family as I’m sure it has been for many others due to the recession.  So, we don’t have a lot of extra spending money.  Tickets for this year were out of the question.  My sister-in-law, Lana, forgot my birthday back in May.  Several weeks later, she realized the slip-up.  I got a really nice card and a voucher for 2 tickets to the AI Concert.  I was so excited and thrilled to get to go.

       Lana and her family had tickets for the concert along with Milt and me.  We went early and had dinner at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant and walked over to the “E” Center.  It was a great evening out for all of us.  These pictures of the concert are not the best because it was taken with my cell phone.  It is hard enough to take pictures in dark conditions and everyone moving and standing in front of you but I’m glad to have them to help me remember the fun experience.


Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta, Anoop Desai, Danny Gokey, Kris Allen, Lil Rounds, Matt Giraud, Megan Joy, Michael Sarver, and Scott MacIntyre entertained us in grand style. 


       My favorites from this year were Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Matt Giraud, and Danny Gokey.  Adam was such a performer but Kris Allen certainly held his own.  It was a great evening for all of us.

PS…..Lana, you can forget my birthday every year if I get such a wonderful late birthday gift. LOL!

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