Out of the Mouths of Babes!

Today in nursery we had a lesson on learning how to say I’m sorry. I chose to use the story about Joseph and his brothers from Genesis in the Bible. I had cartoons so I could explain it to the children and they might be able to understand.

We have a really small nursery and a very young nursery. We did have 5 children but Evan moved in June. Most of the children are closer to the 18 month range and we have one 3 year old. The children are very non-conversant except for Audrey, our 3 year old. She has a vocabulary well beyond her years.

I was telling the children about how Jacob had 12 sons and Joseph was one of his favorite children. He was so loved that his father had a very special coat made for him. The other brothers were very jealous and did a really bad thing. They sold Joseph as a slave to Egypt and told their father that Joseph was dead. They put blood on his very special coat and took it to their father.

Audrey, pounded the table with her fist and proclaimed, “Dang it!, this is a really sad story!” I told Audrey that I knew it was really sad but that it would get better. So, I told the children how there was a terrible famine and drought in the land and how Jacob’s family had no food to eat. Audrey proceeded to pound her fist on the table 2 times and yelled, “Dang it! Dang it! this is a terrible story!” I quickly went to the “punch line” so to speak and told how Joseph became similar to a King in Egypt and had a lot of grain to give his brothers. I showed the picture of the brothers’ telling Joseph that they were sorry for what they had done. And then I showed the picture of Joseph and the brothers hugging each other and Joseph saying that he forgave them.

We then practiced saying I’m sorry when we did something wrong. We all would recite, “I’m sorry.” Then we would role play giving a hug and saying, “I forgive you.” Whenever, the children would play and bump into each other we would practice our lesson. Audrey loves to play and dance and twirl. She doesn’t like to stop what she is doing so in order to save time she started saying, “I’m sorry and I forgive you,” all in one breath. Well I guess that is one way to cover the entire lesson by combining both the role playing of the offender and the forgiver all together in one.

It is a wonderful blessing to teach the nursery children. They have the sweetest spirits and are a joy to be around. They change so much and right before your eyes. Some of the children came in just barely walking and now they are running and jumping. We are still working on the conversation part of things. It won’t be long before they are talking and we will want them to stop.

My family is chiding me for traumatizing the nursery children. I sent the pictures home with the children to practice the story with their parents. I also sent home a picture of a puppy saying he was sorry. I told the children how puppies are glad to see you return home whether you have just taken the garbage out for a few minutes or if you have been gone for a very long time. Puppies are so quick to forgive and forget. I always have thought the world would be a much better place if we were like dogs. Dogs are loyal to their masters. Dogs love you if have no make up on, if you have gained a little weight, or if you are grumpy or happy. I love this quote about dogs.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

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