Happy Birthday Kaylin!

It is hard to believe that Kaylin is 2 years old. Her parents’ gave her the cutest “Monkey Themed” Birthday Party. One of Kaylin’s favorite animal sounds that she makes is a monkey. She is really good at it!

I think her favorite things were the monkey pinata, the playground, her toy piano, playing with her cousins and friends, and the candy, “Nerds.” She wasn’t really into opening her presents. So, her mama opened most of them.

Ty and Jade came to the party. Andrea had to work that night.
Jade is eating a “tootsie roll” and really enjoying it, I might add.

Great Grandpa and Grandma Nichols came all the way from Kansas to help us all celebrate.

We had the party at a park because all of our backyards are not flat and a wheelchair couldn’t navigate the steep slopes. It was a lot of work, especially for Craig. Craig and Nichelle are so cute with Kaylin. Kaylin is a joyful soul and we love her so much. Happy Birthday Kaylin!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Kaylin!

  1. I love the pic with Kaylin blowing the candle! It is true that her mama had to open the presents, as Pat said, "There are 20 people watching Nichelle open children's presents!"

  2. First off Nichole left a great comment! Thanks for doing such great photo's of the birthday party mom! You caputered great photos of our daughter for us! You are the best love ya MomNichelle

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