The other day we were taking care of Jade and I wanted to do a fall photo shoot of her. She was really tired and didn’t really want to participate in the fun. So, I did the best I could. She liked climbing in the wagon and riding the wagon handle but she certainly did not want to be left alone long enough for me to step back and snap a picture and she really didn’t want to smile.

Jade thought it was fun to dangle her legs through the wagon.

She liked playing peek-a-boo with her teddy bear.

Jade is giving her Halloween teddy bear a great big hug.

Jade talks constantly in her own little language. Here she is talking to the teddy bear. Maybe, he can understand her but we are still working on that.

Jade discovered that she could ride the handle of the wagon because it had enough tension to act like a see saw. She was a big fan of the handle until she got to the very end and then she fell foward.

Jade loved banging the ceramic pumpkins together because it made a fun sound. I was just worried that they would break. I tried to get her to play with the real pumpkins she didn’t think that would be very fun.

Here Jade is crying and saying, “Grandma, no more pictures, please!”
Okay, Jade, no more pictures but you are so cute and we want to capture as many of these moments as we can because time is just flying by and you are getting so big.
Love, Grandma

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