Happy Thanksgiving

Well the turkey says, “Happy Thanksgiving to One and All.” We have so much to be thankful for. I hope that each of us will take time to reflect upon the good things in our lives and to express appreciation and thankfulness.

I love the message given by Ezra Taft Benson in a talk entitled, “Receive All Things with Thankfulness,” given in November 1976.
” I hope we can be happy where we are, be grateful for our blessings—now—here, accept the challenge that is ours and make the most of it, and don’t be envious of others.

God help us to be grateful. Someone has said that an ungrateful man is like a hog under a tree eating apples and never looking up to see where they come from. Do we look up to see where our blessings are coming from?”

If you know anything about me, I am very adamant that society need to be more grateful and thankful for the blessings they receive. I told my girls that I would not pay for any of their weddings if they didn’t promise to send thank you notes in a timely manner. I must give kudos to them for sending thank you notes and often times the very next week. I’m so saddened by the number of baby or wedding showers that I attend and the recipient never sends thank you notes. Sometimes they even forget to say thank you at all. I’m so glad that my parents taught me to be grateful and that I have carried on that sentiment. I hope I will always look up to see where my blessings are coming from.

Here a few things that I am thankful for:
My goodly parents and sisters, my husband, children, and dogs.
A country where we can worship as we please.
Food, Clothes, Shelter.
Knowledge and Higher Education
My Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and my testimony.

I am also thankful for this very cute little girl who is such a bright light in our lives. Kaylin wanted to go on a walk and did not want to take time to have her picture taken by grandma.

Milt and I played peek-a-boo with her to get her to look at the camera.
If you look in the lenses of her sunglasses you can see me and Milt in the reflection.

And finally, she is one real, “cool-cat,” with her legs crossed just waiting to go on a walk.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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