Everyone is Thankful for Me!

How blessed we are to have such favorable circumstances to celebrate Thanksgiving. My sister, Pennie and her family who live in Oklahoma were able to spend the holidays with us this year. We went to my sister-in-laws’, Lana’s, and her husband’s Dan’s house to celebrate. Everything was delicious and so and beautifully presented.

This turkey is so beautiful that it looks like it is from a painting by Norman Rockwell.

Milt is carving the bird and Eric is looking on with anticipation in his eyes.

A platter of carved turkey, dark and white meat with stuffing on the side.

Yams made from a family recipe.

Frozen corn that Lana put up in the summer. Thanks, Lana!
Peas, carrots, and cauliflower in a tasty cheese sauce, another family recipe.

Andrea made the winter salad from the family cookbook. It is a perfect salad for the holidays.

Homemade cranberry sauce.
A plate of delicious turkey goodies and sides.

We often run out of refrigerator space so we use the outdoors as our 2nd cooler.
Kaylin has found some yummy whip cream that she is testing for goodness. Kaylin’s
mother, Nichdlld was not feeling very well so she stayed down stairs and we would take turns
visiting with her.

I am the pie maker in the family. We had pumpkin dessert, french silk pie, and pecan chocolate pie garnished with whipped cream and pansies from our yard.

This is Sadie who is a couple of months old and she is wearing her cute Thanksgiving shirt.

Kaylin’s shirt says it all for me. Yes, we are all thankful for Kaylin as well as all of our family members. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we are most grateful for all of our blessings.

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