Family and Four Generations

Pennie, Eric, Luke, and Lincoln came to Salt Lake for the Thanksgiving break. We decided to take them up to Timber Lakes and show them the mountains. They love the beautiful mountains that we see each day by just looking out our window. I have to keep reminding myself not to take the mountains and […]


More Christmas images for viewing! Craig and Nichelle are still living in the basement of Dan and Lana’s because Nichelle is completely in a wheelchair and their apartment is not wheelchair accessible. In order to cheer up the neighborhood, Craig shares his decorations with us and with Dan and Lana. Craig loves the holidays, he […]

More Christmas 2009!

Nichelle, Kaylin, and Grandpa Taylor having a little pizza at the hospital. Nichelle spent 3 more weeks in the hospital this last month. She was having trouble keeping her oxygen saturations at a normal level. She basically had to be taken off all her medicines and start an entirely new medicine regiment. So, the doctors […]

Merry Christmas 2009

Here are a couple of cards and photos that I took and designed for Christmas this year. First is the Christmas card we sent out of our beautiful Christmas “STARS.” What a light our children and grandchildren are in our lives. I love the joy on their faces. Their smiles will melt away your heart […]