Merry Christmas 2009

Here are a couple of cards and photos that I took and designed for Christmas this year. First is the Christmas card we sent out of our beautiful Christmas “STARS.” What a light our children and grandchildren are in our lives. I love the joy on their faces. Their smiles will melt away your heart and certainly any worries of the day.

The Christmas party at our church this year had a beautiful nativity. There were angels, shepherds, wise men, (the bishopric were the 3 wisemen, Milt was a wiseman) Mary, Joseph, and of course the star of the show was baby Jesus. My niece, Summer and her husband James, and their cute 3 month old, Sadie, starred as baby Jesus. It was a beautiful and peaceful sight to behold. I had Kaylin at the time and she was very tired after the day’s activities. The nativity was performed in the dark with only one spotlight and I had to keep taking Kaylin out in the hall so I was not able to get any pictures. When everything was over and the lights were turned on I was able to capture only one picture which resulted in the nativity scene above. I added the frame and words digitally and then had my friend make a custom frame to give Dan and Lana as a Christmas present this year.

This is a picture of Alec that I took for Nichole and Patrick’s Christmas card this year. Alec is now 5 months old. Isn’t he such a cutie? This is the card I designed for his parents to send out this year with Santa and his reindeer. I love Alec’s big blue eyes.

Jade loves dolls. The doll she is holding is a really old doll that I had in my bedroom in a little antique looking doll carriage. Our dog, Jefferson who loves to chew everything, ate one of the legs and an arm and of course the wig, so the doll is in sad shape. However, Jade still hauls this doll all around the house and loves it to death.

The rest of the pictures are from the photo shoot I did of Jade and Kaylin. The are so fun to watch interact and play with each other.

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