More Christmas 2009!

Nichelle, Kaylin, and Grandpa Taylor having a little pizza at the hospital.

Nichelle spent 3 more weeks in the hospital this last month. She was having trouble keeping her oxygen saturations at a normal level. She basically had to be taken off all her medicines and start an entirely new medicine regiment. So, the doctors decided to have her go back to the rehabilitation center for intensive physical therapy as well. She has been blacking out and throwing up many times a day. She blacked out in the restroom and fell hitting her head on the bathroom sink. She had a terrible black eye and a concussion. She was on the floor for over an hour because she couldn’t reach the nurses pull cord. Here is a cute picture of Kaylin pushing her Mama down the hall after a hard physical therapy session. If you look carefully you can see 2 very red elbows from the floor burns where she fell.

Kaylin loves to play in the snow. She is using my garden shovel to clear off the deck. I love that little girl so much.

Rudolph with his cherry tomato nose guiding Santa and his sleigh. Every year at Primary Children’s hospital a local ice carver shares his talent with the community.

We had two funerals in our ward this December. Elder Royden Derrick who was in the Presidency for the Seventy’s in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He went to the University of Utah but he also had a building named after him at Brigham Young University. His wife, Allie, was the twins’ primary teacher. She has been a wonderful friend for many years. Her husband’s funeral was on December 12th. When we went into the viewing to talk to Allie all she could ask was how Nichelle was doing? She is a true saint! She insisted that we take a couple of the funeral flowers to the hospital to cheer up Nichelle. We love the Derrick family and will truly miss brother Derrick. He was a real people builder and always had a twinkle in his eye. He and Allie had been married 72 years. That is quite an accomplishment.

Our dear friend, Frank Taylor passed away on December 12th at the hospital. He got pneumonia on Tuesday and was gone on Saturday evening. We home taught Frank and Lucy. I have known their family for 38 years. His son, Bill, actually set up the first blind date that Milt and I went on 38 years ago. William passed away from brain cancer about 5 years ago. I’m sure that there was a great reunion in the heavens for Frank and William, father and son. So, we lost another great friend this holiday season. It was said in both funerals that our friends were going to spend Christmas with their Savior, Jesus Christ, who gave each of us eternal life. The funeral for Frank was at noon on Friday the 18th and that night we had the ward Christmas party which I helped decorated for.

My daughter, Nichole pointed out to me that I had been a bad blogger this month and I do agree. However, between visiting Nichelle in the hospital, taking care of Kaylin, Alec, and Jade, decorating for Christmas, buying and making Christmas presents, designing Christmas cards, the Grow family photo shoot, and my own photo shoots for the grandchildren, addressing and sending Christmas cards, sending Christmas presents, Christmas shopping and wrapping, 2 funerals, the ward Christmas party, Christmas Eve dinner preparations and my parents visiting the day after Christmas, you have to cut me a little slack for my lack of attention to my blog. LOL!

These are some of Elder Derrick’s accomplishments that were displayed at his funeral. Even President Thomas S. Monson, the prophet of our Church, spoke at the funeral and several other General Authorities were in attendance. Many of the Derrick’s missionaries from England and Ireland, from more than 40 years ago sang at Elder Derrick’s funeral. What a wonderful tribute to this great man and his family.

This is the floral “U” of red carnations that Sister Derrick insisted on giving to Nichelle from her husband’s funeral.

The plant and poinsettia with wild mushrooms from Elder Derrick’s funeral on the window sill at Nichelle’s hospital room.

These are cute pictures of Kaylin in her Sunday best just after church.

It has been a long December month in the Taylor household, one not without great trials and great joys. We believe in Christ and draw comfort from Him each and everyday. Merry Christmas to all!

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