More Christmas images for viewing! Craig and Nichelle are still living in the basement of Dan and Lana’s because Nichelle is completely in a wheelchair and their apartment is not wheelchair accessible. In order to cheer up the neighborhood, Craig shares his decorations with us and with Dan and Lana. Craig loves the holidays, he will come and set up the lights and the blow-ups in our yards. Thank you Craig. I can’t tell you how many young children I see come up to the yard and are mesmerized by the decorations. The weather has been really cold but the snow still seems to be falling each day. We are experiencing the dreaded inversion which makes for a gloomy day. We sure hope that the snow will blow the inversion away.

We had Mr and Mrs Santa Claus come to our Ward Christmas party this year. They had beautiful costumes and were so cute with the children. Kaylin loved Santa Claus this year. She had to go sit on his lap two times. Everytime she would see Santa at the party, she would wave like crazy and yell out his name. She was so cute. Here is a picture of the Claus’ with Nichole, Alec, and Kaylin.

Here is our Christmas tree. I love ribbon and sparkley decorations. I used poinsettas with lime green sparkles with red and silver ribbons and mesh. I used a lot of crystal teardrop decorations with glass ornaments of snowmen and dogs. There are so many decorations on the tree that Milt often teases me that the tree will fall over because of the weight.

We always go over to Dan and Lana’s for a Christmas Eve buffet. Here are a few photos of the goodies we had to eat.
Here are the sugar cookies with the best frosting you ever did taste. It is a family recipe that is really hard to make. It takes about a half and hour and must be stirred by hand. I still can not make the frosting properly. Fortunately, Lana can make it for all of us to enjoy.

The traditional shrimp platter from Market Street Grill. We love Market Street’s cocktail sauce.
It has the perfect touch of horseradish.

Honey-baked ham

This year I bought special toys that are to stay at grandma’s house for when the children visit. I was able to find the much sought after Zhu Zhu hamsters and their accessories this year. Kaylin loves them. She played for an hour and a half straight. It was a big hit with her. Also, a big hit with Jefferson, the dog. I found the white hamster in the hallway. Luckily the hamster was okay.

Here is a cute picture of Jade eating the beef jerky that her Daddy got for Christmas. She loved it so much she ate the entire piece of the jerky.

Milt really hates spending money on “stuff.” He is very content with Prell shampoo, deodorant, and toothpaste for Christmas. He did get a couple of puzzles and a book, but for the most part he would rather have nothing. Through the years he has learned to be a gracious receiver because I love getting presents for everyone. Don’t you just love how excited he is for those 2 bottles of Prell Shampoo? LOL! (Those of you who are young have no idea what Prell Shampoo is. It has been around forever and it is hard to find. When Milt was on his mission in Central England, there was so much humidity in the winter that he told us that the Prell would freeze. So now you know that it has been around at least that long.)

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