The Pink Potty

The case of the pink potty is as follows:
Fisher Price has an adorable Little People nativity set. It was one of Kaylin’s favorite toys this holiday season. She would tell us the story about Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus. There are also 3 wisemen, a donkey, cow, camel, sheep, and an angel. I also used the nativity in the nursery class at church. The children loved playing with the nativity also. I couldn’t find 3 of the pieces to the nativity set for about a week. I looked everywhere to no avail. One day, Jade came over to play at our house and was in the bathroom. She came out of the room with the Mary figure in her hands. Later that evening I decided to look inside the pink potty for the other 2 lost figures. Lo and behold, yes all 3 little people had been in the perfect hiding place. Kaylin hid the figures inside the potty. Kaylin got the potty in November but only used it as a step stool. She didn’t really want to sit on it. This last week she has decided to sit on the potty so she can get stickers for her Dora chart and some M&M candies.
The pink potty is a great hiding place and Kaylin is pretty clever to think of a safe place for Mary, Joseph, and the angel.
The case of the lost figures and the pink potty has been solved!

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