Gateway and More Hospital Visits

We have had a few set backs in Nichelle’s recovery efforts in relearning how to walk again. In December Nichelle was having physical therapy and passed out because of a lack of oxygen. Her oxygen saturation levels were at only 50, which is very low. This led to her having to change all of her medications and a 3 week stay at the hospital again. She was released just before Christmas, so she could spend the holidays at home.
These pictures show Kaylin and Alec “chill’in” in the hospital bed while watching Christmas cartoons. They are so cute together. Kaylin adores Alec and he loves her right back.

Nichelle had some RSD symptoms return to her hand in the last month. RSD stands for Reflex Sympathetic Disorder. The nerve endings are constantly firing and cause ultra sensitivity to touch, causing constant pain. About 4 years ago she had the same condition and had to have a series of nerve blocks in order to reset the nerves and alleviate the pain.

This Tuesday she went in for a nerve block treatment. She had an adverse reaction and had what they are calling a “seizure.” It was not a typical seizure but a reaction to the lytacane that was injected into her artery. She had her clothes cut off and was immediately intubated with a breathing tube and put in an ambulance and sent to the hospital. She was admitted to the acute neurological critical care unit. She had 27 electrical monitors placed on her head plus a heart monitor and all kinds of lines connected to her body. We couldn’t even touch a part of her body that didn’t have some kind of tube attached. It was a very frightening experience and made us all feel helpless. Fortunately, after having the monitors on all night and morning, no more “seizures” occurred. Yesterday afternoon they took the breathing tube out and disconnected all of the monitors.

We are so grateful for all of you who pray for Nichelle and Craig each day. We know that the prayers were answered because she was able to return home about 6:00pm last night. Please continue to pray for her. We certainly need a miracle so that Nichelle can return to walking again and be pain free!

These other pictures were taken during Thanksgiving when Pennie, Eric, and Luke came to visit. We were able to catch a movie at the Gateway. It was so nice to have Craig, Nichelle, and Kaylin be able to come with us. Luke is pushing Nichelle in the wheelchair and Kaylin is being swung in the air by Craig and Nichelle. I love this picture. It makes me happy.

In the movie theater Kaylin loves the life size figures of Alvin and the Chipmunks. Kaylin loves to ride on her mother’s lap and get a “free ride” in the wheelchair.

Kaylin is so fascinated with the chipmunks.

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