The Peppermint Place

Kaylin and I went to the Peppermint Place in Highland, Utah with my friend Lisa Bearnson. When Nichole and Nichelle were 12 years old, we took them there with the Young Women. I haven’t been back since until a couple of weeks ago. It has such cute candies and lots of seconds. I bought a bag of peppermint bark, seconds of mint sandwiches, and candy canes. Well Jefferson struck again. He ate all of the candy while I was bringing in groceries. That dog has an iron stomach and is seriously naughty! My sister, Pennie is always telling me that we need the dog whisperer. Bring him on!

Kaylin found this adorable pony and of course grandma had to buy it for her.
Who could resist that smile, certainly not grandma.

Kaylin looking at bubble gum figurines

Sage took such care of Kaylin. Kaylin had a wonderful time.

Maggie, the dog loved Kaylin to death.
She wouldn’t stop licking her.

Kaylin ate some whip cream and Maggie was all over that!
Kaylin had a great time and we all loved watching her getting sloppy kisses from the dog.

This is Sage’s brand new American Girl doll that she got for Christmas.
She even let Kaylin play with the doll. That is a real sacrifice since it was her favorite Christmas gift. Thanks Lisa and family for such a fun day in Highland. We went down to plan the food for Kade’s farewell. Lisa is such a great hostess and we love the entire Bearnson family so much.
They are a wonderful blessing in our lives.

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