All That Glitters!

DSC_0063-Margie-Romney-Aslett DSC_0054scale-with-pink-hot-chocolate

     Last week I was able to go to a really fun class in Highland at one of my favorite stores, Dear Lizzy.  We made a  cup that was heavily glittered with a “junk bow” of ribbons and papers, pearls and lots of “bling.”  Margie Romney-Aslett taught the class with her daughters.  It was lots of fun and a great getaway for me. 

    Nichole has been working full time the last three weeks down in American Fork.  Driving down to Highland gave us an opportunity to meet for a quick bite to eat before class.  I have been taking care of Alec so I was able to drive down in the carpool lane with very little traffic problems, even during rush hour.  We met at Kneaders around 7:00pm and had a quick sandwich and soup and then Nichole was able to drive home with Alec.



     At Dear Lizzy’s they had these cute mini-plates with delicate cookies, spinach dip with ridged potato chips and tiny Italian sodas for us.  The store is full of inspiration of vintage and new items that will surely jolt your creative spark.  The class was lots of fun and Margie is a delightful teacher.  The glittery cups have a princess crown and wand with lots of frilly ribbons.  They are certainly fit for any girl who loves the bling like I do.  When I taught scrapbooking at All My Memories before it closed, I was known as the “bling queen” because everything I designed had to have the bling factor on each and every page.

  DSC_0061Pam-Margie DSC_0058

      Thanks Margie for the great diversion and fun time!

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