Nursery and Easter Cuties!

On March 21st, our church celebrated Easter because fast Sunday was on the 27th and General Conference falls on Easter Sunday this year. General Conference is where we listen to the leaders of our church and the message is broadcast to the members all over the world. There are no regular meetings held at Ward […]

Happy 13th Birthday Scott!

On the Sunday that I left Kansas City we stopped off at my sisters Pat’s house to celebrate her son’s 13th birthday. My Dad, as he calls it, got out of “his prison,” (aka, the rehabilitation center) to come to the dinner. We carefully helped him in the house and immediately got his legs propped […]

Home Again!

  Eric, Pennie, and I drove back to Kansas City on Saturday morning.  Here a few more photos of the beautiful countryside. Maxine came along for the ride.  She and I rode in the back seat together.  Maxine doesn’t really like to ride in the car so I think she was really glad to have […]

Louisburg Cider Mill & Oklahoma is OK!

     Have you noticed that hearing a certain song or seeing a particular image will trigger memories?  Yesterday, Pennie and I went on a road trip to Oklahoma where Pennie lives. We stopped at the Louisburg Cider Mill in Louisburg, Kansas on the way.  When we would visit our Grandma Tyree who lived in Parker, […]

Oh my Gaw-aw-aw-aw!

I love our little Kaylin!  She is so-o-o-o cute and so funny.  She says the cutest things and I want to always remember these very special times in her young life. I took Kaylin to the dollar section at Target and they had some really cute Easter things.  They had little books with bunnies and […]


Someone in our family has a “dirty little secret!” This person has a “terrible vice.” Can you figure out what it is? Can you figure out who it is? This person hides empty Route 44 cups all over the house. My sister, Pennie has been cleaning the house and has found these cups lurking in […]

In the Sunshine!

      Today we took Dad outside for the first time.  It was sunny and about 47 degrees.  It made us think that spring might really be on its way.      This is a statue of a young boy flying an airplane.  If you look closely you can see it in the background of the first […]