Baby Steps!

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      I received a call from my sister, Pennie on Friday, February 19th that my Dad had fallen in the garage and was laying in a pool of blood.  He was taken to the hospital for stitches and kept overnight for observation.  He had some facial fractures and was released from the hospital on Monday afternoon.

     He was sent to a rehabilitation center and upon a first evaluation his blood pressure dropped to 61 over 39.  He was immediately sent back to the hospital and was kept in ICU for a week.  His kidneys had stopped functioning and he was battling some serious infections.  His heart was working too hard and things looked very dire.  He had blood clots in both legs and his blood pressure was way too low.  I flew out Wednesday morning and have been here ever since.

    We have spent our days at the hospital taking care of my Dad and recording what the doctors and nurses have told us to do to help my Dad recover.  We have been visiting rehabilitation centers and evaluating the one that would be the best fit for our needs.

      This afternoon we transferred Dad to a rehabilitation center.  He will be trying to relearn how to walk safely so as to reduce his risk of falling.  We think that his blood pressure was so low causing him to become faint and suffer his initial fall.  He will be at the center for up to 2 weeks and then he will need help at home for some time.

      We are very grateful for his “baby steps” that are leading to his health improvements.  Please continue to pray for Dad and our family.  We thank all of you for your concerns and prayers.  We are able to handle our life storms because we feel the power of your prayers and support.


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