Oh my Gaw-aw-aw-aw!

I love our little Kaylin!  She is so-o-o-o cute and so funny.  She says the cutest things and I want to always remember these very special times in her young life.

I took Kaylin to the dollar section at Target and they had some really cute Easter things.  They had little books with bunnies and lambs which had soft fur that you could touch and feel.  They had Peeps Chap Stick in different flavors, headbands with flower petals and bunny ears, fun little Easter buckets, Easter stickers, and so much more.

As I picked up each item, Kaylin would exclaim, “ Oh my Gaw-aw-aw-aw!”   She must have said that at least ten times in a row.  She was really cracking me up.  In our family, we always say, “Oh, my gosh!”  I don’t think Kaylin knows quite what we are saying but she has her own little version of “Oh, my gosh!”  Now, every time I want to say something with excitement I want to say Kaylin’s version of “Oh, my gosh!” instead of mine.

If you here me saying, “Oh my gaw-aw-aw-aw! you will know why.  Oh, what we can all learn from the little ones in our lives.

These are a few pictures of Kaylin playing in the snow this winter in our backyard.  I know that they don’t have anything to do with my post but they are so cute that I had to share them with everyone.

DSC_0080-Kaylin-deep-snow-backview DSC_0083 DSC_0082-Kaylin-deep-snow-front

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