Cute Kids and Cute Quilts!

I love the expression on Jade’s face in this picture. It looks like she is hiding something behind her back and she has been found out. Jade insisted she get on the table to cozy up with the quilt Alec is showing off his new scooting skills, he bends his elbow and pulls himself forward, […]

Happy Earth Day 2010!

Yesterday was Earth Day 2010. I have been waiting for months to see the new Disney movie, “Oceans,” since I started seeing previews about 6 months ago. The movie has some amazing video of sea life and it is simply breathtaking. Milt and I took Kaylin to the movie. She loved the movie. She talked […]

More April Weather & Rain, Rain, Go Away!

“The Group Hug, Jade, Kyle, and Ty” Today has been another “weird weather day” here in Utah. We have had rain, hail, thunder, lightning, snow in the mountains, and a little bit of sunshine. In April, the weather in Utah is very unpredictable and can always be a big surprise. Yesterday, was a beautiful, sunny […]

The Flowers are Confused!

This week we have had rain, hail, high winds, dirt and dust, and even snow. The flowers are certainly confused and so am I. Milt and I went to the temple this week. I do the bulletin board in the Youth Center. After, we walked quickly through temple square and I snapped a few photos. […]

The Last Song!

Milt and I went to see the movie, “The Last Song,” with Miley Cyrus. I know it is a “chick flick.” I was pleasantly surprised with the story. It took place in the beautiful state of Georgia. It made me want to go visit there. I have not ever been to most of the southern […]