More April Weather & Rain, Rain, Go Away!

“The Group Hug, Jade, Kyle, and Ty”

Today has been another “weird weather day” here in Utah. We have had rain, hail, thunder, lightning, snow in the mountains, and a little bit of sunshine. In April, the weather in Utah is very unpredictable and can always be a big surprise. Yesterday, was a beautiful, sunny day. I wanted to post a few photos from yesterday. The top photo is what is called an “emotionally perfect photograph.” It shows emotion without any explanation. We were in the backyard and Ty was barbecuing Tri-tip steak for dinner and Jade and I were feeding the fish after their long “winters fast.” ( The fish don’t eat until the water temperature is 55 degrees or above. So they haven’t eaten since October of last year.)
The dogs were having fun playing in the backyard after a long dreary winter. I had to get my camera out because Jade was hugging all of the statues in the backyard. Ty knelt down to give Kyle a hug and then I looked over and Ty and Jade and Kyle were just hugging each other. It was a perfect picture, at least in my opinion.

Jade hugging the statue of a crane

Jade hugging the angel statue

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