Round Two and One Cool Dude!

Round Two of antibiotics. I have been suffering with a sinus infection since the 9th of April. After my initial insta-care visit, I knew that the dosage of medicine was not adequate to cure the infection. So, I finally broke down and went to the doctor again. Right away, the new doctor, told me that my dosage wasn’t high enough. So, she gave me more antibiotics and instructions to take over the counter Musinex D and Sinus Cleanse for my nose. I have about 4 days of medicine left and I am finally feeling better. I am really grateful to feel good again!

Below are some photos of the “One Cool Dude!” also known as Mr Alec, the Dude Master, and many other terms of endearment. He is so cute and so fun to be around. I put him the high chair and gave him some yogurt melts to play with. He loved figuring out how to get them to melt and stick to his fingers. He was entertained for about a half an hour and I had a great time shooting some adorable pictures of him.

I love how Alec’s hair sticks straight up and his beautiful big blue eyes and his happy smile. We are very grateful to have him in our family.

Don’t you love the smirk on Alec’s cute face? You just have to smile!

I gave Alec a fluffy stuffed dog to play with and he was more interested in the tag than the actual animal. He worked and worked until he finally got that tag in his mouth.

Alec is successful once again. Nichole and Patrick, you don’t need to get Alec any presents just give him a bunch of paper and tags and he will be in 7th heaven. LOL!

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