Birthday Celebration!


On the 18th of May, we celebrated my birthday.  My sister, Pennie flew out to visit for about a week.  We had a lot of fun just playing with the grandkids and going out to eat which is a real treat to me.  My favorite cake is from Mrs. Backer’s Bakery.  We started getting cakes there over thirty years ago.  It is incredible how much the prices have gone up.  So, we don’t get the cakes near as often as we used to.  I got a chocolate cake with raspberry filling and chocolate frosting.  I don’t have a picture of it because I am the photographer in the family.  I got the grandkids some cupcakes so they could have there own “little cakes.”


Pennie took me to my favorite restaurant which is The Cheesecake Factory.  We took Alec with us.  He is such a good baby and everyone kept “flirting” with him.

P1010213Alec-Pennie-playing-thumb-warThis is such a cute photo of Pennie and Alec playing a thumb war.


Pennie had a white chicken chili with rice and I had my favorite which is Spaghetti Carbonara.



For dessert Pennie and I shared a new cheesecake on the menu.  It is a key lime cheesecake with a coconut macaroon crust and a mango drizzle on top.  Delish!


On Wednesday we went to lunch in Highland at the Blue Lemon.  Our lunch group included Julie and Chelsea Pacini, Nichole, Kaylin, Lisa Bearnson, Pennie and myself.  We had a wonderful lunch and then we went to a friend’s house to learn how to make flowers from fabric.

 DSC_0030Nichole-Kaylin-drinksHere is a cute picture of Nichole and Kaylin from the Blue Lemon.


At Stephanie’s house Kaylin became fast friends with her daughter Layla who was adopted from Haiti before the terrible hurricane.  Isn’t she adorable?  Layla dressed up Kaylin and they had so much fun that Kaylin didn’t want to leave.  So, Lisa had to convince Kaylin to leave by taking her to a neighborhood park. 


This rowboat is part of Lisa’s neighbors’ backyard.  It is a neighborhood paradise.


We had a wonderful time in Highland with Lisa.

The next day we went to Welfare Square to learn more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and their Welfare system.


We went on a tour of all the buildings there.  Pennie volunteers at a mission in Oklahoma every week.  She wanted to see the efforts of the church.  We saw the Bishop’s Warehouse, bread making, wet canning, dry canning, powder production, cheese making, and the dairy where they were making chocolate milk.  Then we took a tour of Deseret Industries and the Employment Center.


The sister missionaries did a wonderful job of explaining everything.  I learned so much that I didn’t know.  We also saw a short film on the 3 fold mission of the church and the need for a welfare system.

First:  to help the needy

Second:  to teach self-reliance and self-respect

Third:  to offer members of the Church a chance to serve others thus fulfilling the commandment that Jesus Christ gave to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, take in the stranger, clothe the naked and visit the sick.


It was a really fun week.  Thanks Pennie for coming out to make my birthday extra special this year.  My family gave me the money to take an online design class that I have  been wanting to take.  The class is called, The Art of Digital Design taught by Jessica Sprague.  She is an awesome teacher and I have learned so much from her.  So thanks to everyone for a very wonderful birthday.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Celebration!

  1. Fun post, Pam! I love how you post your photos with the white border. Very cool.Love you, Friend! And thanks for the coins in my money jar! Now we can go to lunch again!

  2. Thanks Pam, a great post. I was blessed to be able to share in your birthday week. I had such a good time meeting your friends, seeing family and the cutest great nieces and nephew in the world!! SLC is a beautiful place and love spending time with you. Love, Pennie

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