Up! Up!

More balloon photos.  Each of the 3 days was unique and beautiful.  I thought if you had seen the balloons one day it would be a very similar experience but each day had different patterns as far as the wind direction and speed, ascension, and landing.   Karen, Dee, and Cliff inflating “Out of the […]


My friend Julie Pacini invited me and her daughter, Chelsea on a road trip to Panguitch, Utah of all places.  Have you even heard of this place?  I found out it means, “Big Fish,” in Indian. Panguitch is about 3 1/2 hours south of Salt Lake City.  We arrived last night at the “thriving metropolis […]

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

       We spent this week in the beautiful setting of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  I have been relaxing and working on a digital design class that I am so behind in. It is amazing how much life gets in the way of my lessons.  It certainly is different than when I went to college and […]