Jackson Hole, Wyoming


     We spent this week in the beautiful setting of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  I have been relaxing and working on a digital design class that I am so behind in. It is amazing how much life gets in the way of my lessons.  It certainly is different than when I went to college and only had to worry about myself and my lessons.

      Milt has been watching non-stop World Cup Soccer matches and going golfing with his friend, Kip.  We have gone into the Teton National Forest and the Gros Ventre Slide Area.  Here are a few of the beautiful pictures that I have taken.  We didn’t actually go into Yellowstone Park on this trip.


This picture was taken near the Gros Ventre Slide Area.  It shows the brilliant red rock hills with lush green valleys.  It has rained every day we have been here.  It makes for such beautiful green vegetation.


We came across a huge ranch with hundreds of horses with their new colts.  There are three babies in this picture.


This photograph show the horses with the magnificent Teton Mountains in the background totally engulfed in clouds of rain and snow.


The horse ranch with the looming Tetons in the background.


We were driving down a beautiful area on the road from Moose Junction on the way to Teton Village.  We came around the corner and we saw one huge grizzly bear walking on the pavement.  Then 2 cubs came into our view.  I had to stand up through the sun roof of our car and I had less than 3 minutes to get these pictures.  A car came zooming by us and scared the threesome into the forest.  It was a thrill to see the bears so close.  I wish we could have gotten more pictures but I’m very happy with the ones I was able to get.  These bears had no tracking collars on them which is an even rarer find.


This is one of the cubs.


Here the mother grizzly is turning over a big log trying to find hidden insects inside the tree trunk.


This photo shows the 2 cubs grazing on grass.


On this trip we saw 3 wolves in different areas.  Since the wolves have been reintroduced into Yellowstone and the surrounding areas the elk herds have certainly suffered.


The Gros Ventre Slide sign with details of the slide.


The open area in the picture is where the rocks slid down the mountainside.  Their are huge chunks of boulders and rocks in the bottom of the canyon from the slide.


It was really raining in this picture but it didn’t seem to bother this moose that was enjoying some tender leaves on the tree.

We had a wonderful time enjoying the beautiful world we live in.  Thanks to Kip for inviting us to share his condo.  His family had work commitments so we were glad to have a quick get away.

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