Up! Up! Up!


Julie inside “Out of the Blue,” owned by Kent and Dee Barnes.

F0000071 blue balloons copy

           3 blue and yellow balloons.

F0000079Kent Cliff blowing up balloon copy

      Kent and Cliff inflating “Out of the Blue.”

F0000109 Dee watching ascension copy

        Dee watching the ascension of “Out of Blue.”


    Cheryl and friends bringing down a balloon for landing.


          Smokey the Bear on a fire truck in parade.

F0000293-motorcycle-parade-ALF   The Harley Davidson  Parade with Alf on the back of a motorcycle.

F0000019 Panguitch Big Fish copy

We really enjoyed the balloon festival.  We met some really nice people and we took lots of photographs and we know so much more about hot air balloons than we did before.  We left Panguitch, Monday morning, and drove to
Ferron where Patrick, my son-in-law is from.  His parents were so gracious to let us stay with them and feed us wonderful food.  Julie and I have always wanted to visit the San Rafael Swell which is often called the 2nd Grand Canyon.


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