Balloons in Sandy!


Julie and I got up at 5:30am last Saturday so we could be to Sandy by 6:30am.  The field was fairly small especially compared to the one in Panguitch.  There were only 13 balloons on the field.  The higher altitudes were windy so the balloons were only inflated and tethered to the ground.  There were some balloons there that we hadn’t seen before.


The Patriotic Balloon










This photo looks like the “coat of many colors,” to me.


I really liked the piggy bank balloon.  You can see a coin at the very top peeking out.  It even has puffy cheeks and a curly tail.


I like this photo of the people with balloons and the sun coming up over the mountains for the sunrise.

DSC_0977 Dee taking air of balloon

Our friends Dee and Kent were there with The Belle Star balloon.  It is a really beautiful balloon.  This photo shows Dee and her family and friends squeezing the air out of the balloon.


The Belle Star

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