We have been hoping and praying that things would turn around for our sweet Nichelle.  She had a doctor’s appointment today with her plastic surgeon.  We were hoping that she could come home from the care center.  He has told her “Two more weeks,” two times now.  Well, he said it once again.  That is six more weeks than we were originally told after her first surgery.  We are so sad and disappointed.

While staying at the care center she has gotten bronchitis two times, had to go to ICU for a week, and today we got some more sad news.  Nichelle has MRSA in her wound.  We are stunned!  (This is the 2nd time she has gotten MRSA.)

What is MRSA?
This tiny cluster of bacteria is methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), seen under a microscope. This strain of the common "staph" bacteria causes infections in different parts of the body – including the skin, lungs, and other areas. MRSA is sometimes called a "superbug" because it is resistant to many antibiotics. Though most MRSA infections aren’t serious, some can be life-threatening.

Someone recently asked about Nichelle.  The response was that she was still at the care center, still in tons of pain, and no improvement in walking yet.  The person replied, “So, she still needs more prayers.”  The answer is a BIG YES!  Please keep her in your prayers, please think positive thoughts about the situation, please keep her name on prayer rolls, and please don’t give up on all of us.

Thank you!


Nichelle spent the 4th of July and the 24th of July in the hospital or care center.  She also had to celebrate her birthday at the care center.  Kaylin’s birthday was planned for next week and now we will have to postpone her birthday celebration due to Nichelle’s extended stay.


The RSD has returned to Nichelle’s right hand and arm, thus the lovely compression glove.  She is handing out her birthday cake and ice cream to her family at the care center.

DSC_0016-peanut-butter-cheesecake Nichole and I went to The Cheesecake Factory for a birthday luncheon.  Jade and Alec also came.  We took Nichelle the new peanut butter cheesecake with chocolate cake layers that is the latest addition to the cheesecake menu.


Craig, Kaylin, and I went to Little Cottonwood Canyon to enjoy the beautiful summer wildflowers.


Craig and Kaylin are taking pictures on the phone to send back to Mommy who is in the care center.


A beautiful meadow with wildflowers.


Red Indian Paintbrush.


Kaylin, Nichelle, and Craig on a short walk outside to see the sunshine.  Can you tell that the Real Soccer Team is playing that day?

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