Blue Hawaii!

  Blue Hawaii by Andy Williams Night and you and blue Hawaii The night is heavenly and you are heaven to me Lovely you and blue Hawaii With all this loveliness there should be love Come with me while the moon is on the sea The night is young and so are we, so are […]

Colors of Hawaii!

  Blue, cyan, turquoise, azure blue, white, waves from the North Shore.  Notice the mist from the large wave and the surfer having the time of his life. Lime Green! Yellow Honeydew Melon! Melona popsicles are honeydew flavored and are delicious and refreshing.  The actual popsicle is a light lime green.  They are a bit […]

Sunday Two!

  This is “The Cat Called Wanda,” I think that would be a great title for a movie. LOL! (Oh yeah, that was a “Fish Called Wanda!”) Nate and Heidi teach Stand Up Paddle Lessons.  If you are in need of some fantastic teachers call 1-800-470-4964.  Tell them that we sent you. After lunch Milt, […]


  Julie’s friend, Kay invited us to go to her ward for church on Sunday.  Kay is a childhood friend of Julie’s that lives in Hawaii at the present time.  She invited us to spend the day with her and her family and for a delicious dinner that consisted of salmon with lemon, purple sweet […]

Blue Lagoon!

  We are not the typical beach lovers.  When we go to San Diego or Hawaii, we seldom go to the beach.  We don’t like the hot sun or the hot, and messy, sand.  We decided to force ourselves to go to the beach. Where we are staying they have made four man-made lagoons surrounded […]


  We love to go to Duke’s Restaurant because it has spectacular views right on Waikiki beach and good food.  This time we just went for dessert, specifically “Hula Pie.”  Marjorie and Marilyn told us about the delicious “Hula Pie.”  Before we dropped them off at the airport we all stopped at Duke’s for the […]