Bringing Cheer!



Yesterday, my dear friend Lisa B. came and visited Nichelle in the care center.  We had a wonderful time just talking and listening to Nichelle.  Kaylin was there and also Alec.  Kaylin adores Lisa and I think Lisa feels the same way.


Kaylin and Alec are having fun on Mommy’s bed.  Kaylin was a little distracted with watching her cartoons but Alec was really tuned into Kaylin.


Kaylin got to pick a birthday gift when we went to the zoo on Monday.  She choose this adorable pink giraffe with fluffy feet.  She brought it to show her Mom and is having fun brushing her new friend.  Kaylin named the giraffe, “Pinkie.”


Lisa brought these gourmet doughnuts for Nichelle.  Aren’t they beautiful?  I had the key lime doughnut and it was delicious.  Milt had a green apple one and really liked it.


This picture shows Lisa and Nichelle.

I appreciate Lisa’s kindness in visiting Nichelle.  I know Lisa lifted Nichelle’s spirit and showed genuine love and concern for her situation.  I hope we all can spend time trying to think of others and doing small acts of kindnesses.  I really agree with the talk by Gordon B. Hinckley from the September, 1999, Ensign magazine.  The talk is called, “The Quest for Excellence.”  An excerpt from the talk can be found below:

“….Tremendous is your opportunity to reach beyond the hoped-for goal of wealth and worldly success, though that may have some modest importance, to build and strengthen others, to relieve suffering, to aid in making the world a better place, to pick up and carry the lantern of Florence Nightingale in walking through the pain-ridden wards of the world………It was said of the Master that He “went about doing good” (Acts 10:38). In that process He became the epitome of perfection…….May the Lord bless each of us as we walk the path to perfection that the Lord has asked us to walk—with hope, with faith, and with that charity which “is the pure love of Christ.” (Moro. 7:47)

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