Good Bye and Aloha!


Our friends Julie, Craig, and Chelsea invited us to go to Hawaii with them.  Here is a photo of the Salt Lake skyline as we were leaving.  We so appreciate The Pacini’s and their hospitality and invitation.  I told my Primary kids that I was going to "heaven on earth.” ( I lead the singing at our church for the 3 to 12 year old children.  I also teach the nursery children singing.)


Here is one of our first glimpses of “heaven on earth,” or better known as Hawaii.


This is a photo of the Diamondhead volcano crater.


Julie and her friends, Marjorie and Marilyn climbed Diamondhead.  There are about 257 steps to reach the top and it has an extremely steep grade.  They are much braver than I am.  If you reach the top you get a certificate saying that you completed the feat.  Way to go, girls!


This is a beautiful sunset looking out our balcony.


This is the memorial that was built to honor the U.S. Arizona battleship which was sunk on Dec 7, 1941.  The bombing of Pearl Harbor caused the American public to join the military and begin fighting for America’s freedom and the start of America’s involvement in World World II.  Franklin D. Roosevelt declared war when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.


2,403 American’s died at Pearl Harbor.  During the first 15 minutes of the battle, 2/3’s of our American soldiers died when the battleships’ Oklahoma, Utah, and the Arizona were bombed.  55 Japanese died, in addition to an unknown number of Japanese wounded. The US had 1,178 personnel wounded.  Close to 2,500 military and civilians were wounded at Pearl Harbor.


This is the American flag blowing in breeze through the roof of the U.S. Arizona Memorial roof.  The sun is just above the flag making it look like the flag is glowing.


Today, there were 4 survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack at the monument signing books for the public.  It was an honor to see them and recognize the sacrifice that was made for our freedom.  I love this picture of Herb Weatherwax visiting with the public and sharing stories with all of us.  You can see the joy on his face as he is describing his love for America. 

Today as each Pearl Harbor survivor passes away, they are honored by having an urn with their ashes buried in the hull of the sunken U.S. Arizona battleship.  Once again they join their friends and fellow soldiers who died on that fateful day of the bombing of their ship.  The last survivor who passed away was honored this past May.  After the closing of the memorial park’s public hours a special ceremony is performed and the urn is placed by scuba divers.  What a fitting tribute to each remaining survivor and the sacrifice that each made.

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