Sunday Two!



This is “The Cat Called Wanda,” I think that would be a great title for a movie. LOL! (Oh yeah, that was a “Fish Called Wanda!”)


Nate and Heidi teach Stand Up Paddle Lessons.  If you are in need of some fantastic teachers call 1-800-470-4964.  Tell them that we sent you.


After lunch Milt, Kay, Julie, Kezia and I went across the street to the park where the beach is.  Kay’s house is a 1 minute walk to the beach.  What a life!  This sea turtle was resting on the sandy beach while using the lava rock for a pillow, I guess. LOL!


There were lots of surfers anxious to catch the big waves.  We stood and watched them for about an hour.  There is something very mesmerizing about watching the waves and taking in the smell of fresh salt water.


There were so many surfers catching the waves.  It had been a long summer of calm waves and all of sudden the surfers were not patient any longer.  The beach was packed with celebrating surfers.

The park was full of families having picnics, birthday celebrations, and just “good old family time.”


Here is our group photo:

Daniel, Heidi, Nate, Milt, Pam, Chelsea, Craig, Julie, Kay, Kezia, Ivy, and Elysse.  Aren’t we a “fine” group?  Thank you Kay and your beautiful family for a most enjoyable Hawaiian Sunday.

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