Colors of Hawaii!



Blue, cyan, turquoise, azure blue, white, waves from the North Shore.  Notice the mist from the large wave and the surfer having the time of his life.


Lime Green! Yellow Honeydew Melon!

Melona popsicles are honeydew flavored and are delicious and refreshing.  The actual popsicle is a light lime green.  They are a bit pricey.  A box of 8 popsicles is almost ten dollars.


Yellow & pink!  A beautiful yellow hibiscus with a hot pink center.


Yellow!  Pineapple Sherbet with fresh pineapple from the Dole Plantation. Yum!


Green!  This tree was growing on the hillside just above the beautiful ocean. Milo, Thespesia Populnea


Purple and lime green!


Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Pink, colors of the Hawaiian sunset.


More colors from this beautiful sunset.

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