I’m Certified!

I have been studying Photoshop for the last 4-5 years.  First, I took private lessons with my friend, Julie Pacini from a mutual friend and then I’ve been doing classes at Jessica Sprague for the last couple of years.  I have taken about every class that she offers.  She is a wonderful teacher and I […]

What??? Answers!!!

    The first tree has has several names. Screwpine Pandanus tectorius Hala The leaves are used to make houses, mats, sandals, pillows, and baskets.  The fruit becomes a paint brush.   This is the Indian Mulberry, Noni, Morinda Citrifolia tree. One of the most healthful but worst smelling fruits (at least when fully ripe […]


  Let’s have a guessing game.  I love flowers, trees, and bushes, basically most anything that is part of nature.  I love to find new plants and identify them.  Do you want to make some guesses? This is a seed pod from a tree in Hawaii. Let’s have a lesson on tree identification.  Do you […]

Celebrate in a Unusual Way!

  Yesterday was Milt’s birthday.  It was not the typical birthday celebration that we normally have.  Craig and Nichelle have both been really sick with bad colds and coughs.  They were too sick to celebrate with cake and ice cream.  Now that is sick!  We have had the wonderful blessing of having Kaylin stay with […]

Our Future Chef…..

  This Sunday was General Conference.  We get to stay home in our pajama’s and watch the broadcast on television.  Milt is in the bishopric at our church so we rarely get to spend any time with him on Sundays.  Kaylin had a sleep over at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s.  Kaylin loves to cook.  We usually […]