Celebrate in a Unusual Way!


Yesterday was Milt’s birthday.  It was not the typical birthday celebration that we normally have.  Craig and Nichelle have both been really sick with bad colds and coughs.  They were too sick to celebrate with cake and ice cream.  Now that is sick!  We have had the wonderful blessing of having Kaylin stay with us this past week.  Milt and “Princess Kaylin” are the “bestest of friends,” as she often tells us.


I have been putting off a colonoscopy for awhile.  I have doctor phobia but I was a “big girl” yesterday and finally relented.  The day before the procedure you can only have clear liquids the entire day and then you have to drink a gallon of the most disgusting liquid 4 hours before the procedure.  My appointment was at 8:30 am so that means I had to get up at 4:15am.  Milt took Kaylin to the McDonalds’s play land to entertain her while I was at the doctors.  I am very grateful that everything turned out well at the doctor’s and that I don’t have to go back for 10 years.  Milt and I both got flu shots yesterday while we were at the doctors.  So, you can see why it wasn’t the typical birthday celebration for us.


Princess Kaylin is helping her grandfather open his presents.  Our friend, Julie called us in the afternoon and asked us to come over for dinner because she has had company all week and had extra food from one of our favorite restaurants which is Cafe Rio.  I told her it was Milt’s birthday and she offered to get a cake for him.  (After a colonoscopy you are not allowed to drive for 12 hours so I could not get a cake for Milt.)


Kaylin makes the cutest speech when it is someone’s birthday.  She stands on a stool and claps her hands and says, “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is my grandfather’s birthday.”  She then leads us in singing, “Happy Birthday,” to whoever is celebrating a birthday.  We love that girl so much!


Here is the cake that Julie got for Milt.  Nichole, Patrick, and Alec were able to come over and celebrate with us.  We really appreciate Julie and Craig for the wonderful friends they are to our family.  So, thank you Julie for making our birthday celebration more “normal” than the day began.


Here Julie is bringing the cake over for Milt and Kaylin to blow out the candles.  We are going to try to celebrate with Craig and Nichelle, and Ty, Andrea, and Jade on Sunday if everyone is feeling better.

We didn’t forget you Milt even if it wasn’t the usual birthday celebration.  I guess this birthday was so unusual that it will be one that will be easily remembered. 

Happy Birthday Milt.  We love you very much!

One thought on “Celebrate in a Unusual Way!

  1. Happy Birthday to the most wonderful Dad! We love you! (Especially Alec I think you are his favorite considering how hard he tries to jump out of my arms into yours whenever he sees you!)

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