Halloween 2010!


This is a Halloween page that I designed.  I designed the template, papers, and elements.  I am making a Fall book and this is one of the pages from the book.  This year we went to Wheeler Farm’s Pumpkin Patch for Milt’s birthday.  Nichole and I gave him the present of pumpkin patch tickets because we wanted to do something with the family.


It was really hard to get everyone’s schedules coordinated so, unfortunately Craig had to work late and Nichelle is still too sick to do very many activities.  Everyone else was able to make it and we had a wonderful time spending “quality time” with the family.


Lana and Dan invited us over last night for their annual Halloween party.  We left this pumpkin on our steps for the trick or treaters.  You can see the raindrops on the steps.  It rained really hard and there were very few trick or treaters out braving the weather.  I think only 5 suckers were gone.  This year Halloween fell on a Sunday.  We chose to celebrate the holiday on Saturday.  We spend Sunday at church and with our family.


Here is some of the yummy food that we had.   We had Mexican and Taco Soup with delicious toppings such as tomatoes, avocados, olives, sour cream, tortilla chips, and cheese.  There were lots snacking foods such as peanuts, chips, dips, pretzels, and white chocolate popcorn.  There were Halloween donuts from Banbury Cross.  We also had beautiful cookies from Baker’s De Normandie, pumpkin cheesecake, and lots of candy.


This is “Miss Ladybug Kaylin!”  She is the cutest ladybug I ever did see!  Who is that in the mirror???


This is “Carter Harry Potter” and “Miss Ladybug Kaylin” holding hands for their photo opp!


This is some of the costumes our friends and family were wearing last night.  We have Amber the bee, Summer the 70’s Disco Queen, Sadie the duckling, Kaylin the ladybug, and Lauren the Venetian Princess. 


Craig had his head painted by Nichelle.  She had to use her left and right hand because of the pain in her right hand.  She did a fantastic job!


This is Amber, Lauren, and Lana. What beautiful women!


Finally, it was a memorable day because Alec took his first steps.  He took about 10 steps back and forth to various family members.  It was really exciting to capture his first steps with my camera.


This past week has been one of beautiful sunsets.  Here the snowcapped mountains and the blazing sky set the tone for one amazing sunset.

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