Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

  On Christmas Eve we have a delicious buffet at Dan and Lana’s house.  Here are a few of our favorite moments from this year’s celebration. Fresh Mozzarella with Grape Tomatoes drizzled with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar   Lemon-Pineapple Slush with Pomegranate 7-UP Jade loved the slush so much that I couldn’t get any […]

Pink? Really!

  My favorite color is PINK!  There are so many things that are pink that I love but the pink thing below is not on my top 10 list. pink 1 (pngk) n. 1. Any of a group of colors reddish in hue, of medium to high lightness, and of low to moderate saturation. a. […]

Blue Horizons!

Blue Horizons is the new dolphin show at SeaWorld.  It is a Broadway show extravaganza meets Cirque du’soleil.  It has beautiful costumes, drama, a princess, “bad guys,” diving acrobats, flying bird fairies, flying macaws and parrots, expressive music, shooting water canons, dolphins, whales and so much more.  There is so much going on it is […]

The Happiest Place on Earth!

I know that Disneyland is known as being, “The happiest place on earth,” but for Nichelle, Craig, and Kaylin it has to be SeaWorld.  They love, love, love, SeaWorld.  SeaWorld had a great deal going for children from ages 2 to 12.  If you bought a full price adult admission you would only have to […]

Peaceful Sabbath!

Today we went to church with Kaylin.  It was chilly this morning but a high of 74 was predicted.  We wore our jackets to church but when we came out it had warmed up to a delightful 74 degrees.  It was beautiful with no clouds or fog.  We just relaxed at the condo and watched […]

Road Trip!

  We left Salt Lake on Tuesday with Kaylin.  Milt and I were talking about our trip to San Diego and Kaylin overheard us and has not stopped talking about wanting to go back to San Diego.  Kaylin’s parents asked if we would take her with us.  Well, you didn’t have to ask us twice.  […]