Alec is obsessed with electronic things such as cell phones, land line phones, remote controls, etc.  No matter what you do he will keep after the object.  If you try to hide it he will still remember that he wants it.  This morning I went in the other room for just a moment, Alec was eating a snack before his nap.  When I came back into the kitchen this is what I saw.  Alec was standing up in his high chair and he had a really guilty look on his face.  (He knows that he is not supposed to grab the remote.)


Alec had reached over to the countertop and grabbed the remote control and he had turned the television off.


I had cartoons on for him.  I guess he didn’t like them. LOL!


Well, I guess Alec has the “male gene” just like his Dad and Grandfather.  They all are obsessed with the television remote control so they too can have “The Power.”

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